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Commissions from NightfurPR0DUCTIONS over on DA.

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I will be posting all my fics and NSFW art at pawingbeasts



Here’s our care sheet for all things not fur related! :) I’m sure you can use these on items you already have <3 ^_^ This is not for leather! I wouldn’t want you to hurt your leather items! Just keep in mind this was made for my shop,and we carry leather alternatives <3 :3 These tips are great for anything not leather though,and are perfectly safe

reblogging because I’m too lazy to save to my harddrive and I’ll need this later.


I have been feeling like utter shit lately to the point I have wanted to just go to sleep and not wake up for the next few days. I have been waking up in the middle of the night from nothing and not being able to sleep.
If you have noticed in my latest drawings of blue he had bags under his eyes.

I do this because I give him things I do, even though he is almost my exact opposite in appearance. With waking up in the middle of the night I have bags under my eyes. I have not been able to think right, I’ve been getting headaches and pains in my arms and lower back. Its 2 am now so with that said I’m going to sleep.

I’m changing Blue’s human form up, and I dunno about this but I like it? What do y’all think about this new Blue?

Something Sweet but a little Sour.

YeenQueen’s style is fun to draw in.